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How to Win the Pick 4 Lottery Game

how to win the pick 4 lottery game

Pick 4 lottery game is played twice daily and players have several choices when selecting numbers for this lottery game – either straight/box play with their own numbers selected manually, or Easy Pick whereby computer randomly chooses them for them. Prize amounts and draws purchased differ between straight/box wins as do prize amounts for straight/box wins; you may also consider combination play for better odds by matching all combinations of your chosen numbers together.

How to Win the Pick 4 Lottery Game

The Pick 4 lottery game is an enjoyable way of betting for big prizes. Success requires having a solid strategy and tools available in order to be successful, however. Below are tips that will show how you can create your own successful approach for choosing correct numbers when picking 4.

When crafting a Pick 4 strategy, study the previous 30 days’ winning numbers in your state’s draw. This can give you a good sense of which numbers have been most frequent among previous drawings – enabling you to reduce potential combinations while increasing chances of hitting jackpot.

Mirror numbers offer another excellent tip on how to win the pick 4 lottery: this method eliminates multiple winners while helping avoid overlapped numbers that increase your odds of success and can greatly increase your odds of victory.

Lottery math can also be an invaluable way of narrowing down your possible combinations. This method of calculation utilizes an analogous formula as that found in algebra but without carrying over of numbers – something especially helpful if trying to win Pick 4 lottery with limited numbers available to choose from.

When selecting the ideal strategy for playing Pick 4 lottery, take into account your budget and personal preferences. Keep an open mind as no lottery strategy guarantees wins – instead it is worth exploring various approaches until one suits your style best.

Check Your Pick 4 Lottery Tickets

The Virginia Lottery strives to operate transparently, and offers a convenient online tool to quickly check ticket results on smartphones, tablets and computers alike. Simply enter your ticket numbers and the date of the drawing; select day or night; then choose whether or not your numbers were drawn during that particular drawing session.

Play Pick 4 anytime, anywhere – at one of our 1,400+ retail locations or through the official app for mobile devices – provided your tickets are purchased before 1:59 p.m. ET for day drawings and 6:45 pm ET for evening drawings.