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Florida Lottery Introduces Holiday Scratch-Off Games

when does florida lottery holiday cash game end

The Florida Lottery will launch four holiday-themed scratch-off games for purchase ranging in price from one dollar to ten dollars, offering more than $247 million in cash prizes. They should become available across Lottery retailers within 48 hours and through December 31 players can enter non-winning Triple Match tickets into its $5 Million Holiday Bonus Play promotion for a chance at cash prizes of up to $20,000.

CBS Miami reports that lottery winners are encouraged to report any suspicious winnings directly to the State Attorney’s Office or local law enforcement, so they can verify if their ticket is valid and winnings legitimate.

If the winnings are legitimate, the State Attorney’s Office transfers them to the Education Enhancement Trust Fund which then distributes it among public schools across Florida. Winners can collect their prizes by visiting one of over 13,000 authorized Florida Lottery retailers throughout Florida or by mail/fax/online claim.

Lottery customers can take advantage of monetary prizes as well as purchasing other products and services, such as Powerball and Mega Millions tickets, Florida Lottery Scratch-Offs, instant games and more from Lotterie retailers. A prize winning ticket purchased also earns its retailer an extra commission bonus!

After they claim their winnings, lottery winners who have won either a jackpot, top prize of $1 million or more or an annual payment option will have their names made public. Winners who won prizes of $25050,000 or greater may temporarily avoid public disclosure.