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What Is The Longest Travel On A Straight Line Action Clamp?

what the longest travel on a straight line action clamp

Straight line action clamps offer heavy-duty push/pull clamping that provides push / pull clamping of workpieces. Their lever handle controls their round sliding plunger that locks either pulling or pushing to hold pieces securely; making this clamp ideal for testing, welding, fixturing tensioning CNC machining plastic injection moulding applications in aerospace consumer goods automotive food processing & packaging industries.

Destaco straight line action clamps feature a hex head / neoprene spindle assembly which can be easily inserted into their round clamp bodies to securely clamp workpieces in tight spaces. Made from steel for strength & durability to withstand heavy-duty clamping loads without breaking or bending and zinc plating to resist corrosion in harsh industrial environments, they also include Toggle Lock Plus mechanism which prevent accidental opening due to vibrations while remaining in over-centre toggle lock condition.

Raptor Supplies provides manual clamps with imperial threaded plungers (640-MR) designed to accommodate metric threaded spindle assemblies when necessary and without Toggle Lock Plus feature (640) where this secondary locking system is not necessary, at reduced operating costs. They boast maximum clamping capacities of 7500 lbsf with flange base mounting style.

These Destaco straight line action clamps meet ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 standards to ensure user safety, environmental health and efficient performance of the product. Packed with zinc plating to withstand corrosion in harsh environments and designed to withstand heavy-duty clamping loads up to 16000 lb without breaking or bending, they offer exceptional reliability when clamping.

Straight line action clamps come in various sizes to fit a range of workpieces and can be mounted using their threaded holes on the base for secure mounting to surfaces or worktables using hex head bolts or with sensors that have compatible T-slot mounts from Destaco. Furthermore, they may be clamped onto other T-bar type clamps with similar mounting patterns to the 640-R without too much hassle.