Can Mormons Drink Herbal Tea?

can mormons drink herbal tea

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently clarified to members that herbal tea, without caffeine content, can be consumed freely. This news came via a recent article in the New Era, a church publication designed for teens and youth. Prior to this clarification being offered by New Era, its “Word of Wisdom,” outlining health codes to adhere to in order to attend temple, was somewhat unclear on whether tea was allowed. While alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco products coffee and tea consumption is banned altogether there have been questions as to whether herbal tea was included or not in its ban.

Many questions surrounding whether Mormons drink herbal tea can be traced back to Joseph Smith’s revelation of “Word of Wisdom”, received on February 27, 1833 and then included into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Doctrine and Covenants as an official book of scripture on February 27. This divine law of health prohibits certain foods and substances while recommending others; previously this interpretation meant only alcohol beverages were forbidden, while tea and coffee fell under its purview; church president Herber Grant clarified in 20th century that all forms were covered under its provisions – meaning all types as well as tea and coffee were included under its lawful jurisdiction.

As the church works to clarify some of its rules, there remain some uncertainty as to what’s allowed. According to research conducted and written up by Riess in March, 4 out of every 10 Millennial and Generation X church members admitted drinking caffeinated coffee within six months – that equates to approximately 2.8 million people! Their position on recreational marijuana use and opioids remains fluid; however they have clarified medical marijuana is acceptable as long as prescribed by a licensed healthcare professional.

Church leaders have stated clearly that caffeine-laden drinks like coffee are not part of the Word of Wisdom and its removal would not make it acceptable. Iced tea, too, remains forbidden since its ingredients include leaves from Camellia sinensis plants in cold form – popular varieties being green iced tea, herbal iced tea and black iced tea.

Mighty Leaf Tea Company offers several tea blends that contain herbs not typically found in camellia sinensis plants, like lavender or hibiscus, making these blends acceptable to Mormons. However, be mindful that there may be additional ingredients not permitted such as lemongrass or ginger root that should not be consumed in these blends; be sure to read labels thoroughly prior to drinking these teas to be sure all allowed ingredients are present. If in doubt please reach out as we’re always available and happy to help find you delicious tasting high-quality tea! You can even sign up for our mailing list so you’re always informed with latest updates!