Is a Poker Run Considered Gambling?

is a poker run considered gambling florida

Florida takes gambling very seriously; many of our Miami criminal defense clients are surprised to learn that even hosting a friendly poker night at someone else’s house could put them in trouble with the state.

Florida gambling laws allow someone to host a game so long as no individual player’s single round, hand or game winnings exceed $10 in value. It should be noted, however, that those hosting cannot promote or organize gambling activity, or they could face third degree felony charges for hosting or organizing the activity.

Advertising gambling activity is unlawful. This includes but is not limited to, posting signs or posters encouraging gambling activities and possessing documents used for keeping track of results such as run down sheets, tally sheets and scorecards.

Gambling goes beyond card games or slot machines; it also covers betting on sports events and horse races. Florida stands out as a state that takes an inconsistent approach when it comes to gambling; spending millions of dollars advertising and promoting their own lotteries that are open for public patronage is hypocritical at best.

If someone violates gambling laws, they could face charges such as racketeering – with up to 30 years in jail possible as punishment – operating a gambling house, printing illegal lottery tickets and keeping gambling machines.