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Why Do Crypto Currencies Change on the Weekends?

Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile, and their prices can experience dramatic shifts over the weekend due to several factors. A decrease in trading volume may amplify price changes while news or events occurring over the weekend could affect their market as well. This article will highlight why cryptocurrency exchange rates change on weekends as well as providing tips to avoid being caught unaware by sudden price shifts of digital coins.

Crypto trading varies significantly from traditional financial markets in that it continues 24/7 and therefore may experience more dramatic and frequent price swings as it’s less regulated. Furthermore, due to non-regular trading hours there may be increased risks of hacking and security threats.

Crypto prices often see larger price swings on weekends because fewer traders are in the market, leading to decreased liquidity. Small buy or sell orders have an even bigger effect, as more investors choose bid prices over ask prices which leads to even further amplified price movements.

Additionally, many traders employ margin trading when trading crypto, borrowing money from brokers to execute trades on margin. When prices decline and they must repay these borrowed funds within an agreed-upon deadline. If prices continue to fall they could face a margin call which forces them to sell their coins at reduced prices and cause even further price decreases.

Finally, digital currency markets tend to be much more speculative than other markets and can cause greater market fluctuations on weekends as investors and traders speculate about what may happen in the near future. This phenomenon can become particularly evident if positive news or events take place during this period.

Due to these factors, it can be more challenging than usual for traders looking for entry and exit points for crypto investments on weekends. This challenge is compounded when day traders must constantly watch the market to spot opportunities to profit. To reduce risks associated with investing in cryptocurrency over the weekend it is wise to utilize tools like coin trackers or stay abreast of news updates; by doing this you will better protect your investment and avoid sudden price changes; especially as regulators assess future possibilities in crypto trading.