How Long to Steep Herbal Tea

Steeping tea for the optimal amount of time allows your tea to achieve maximum flavor and health benefits while helping prevent bitter leaves from developing.

Though different tea types require differing steeping times, you should always follow the instructions on their packaging – they may differ between companies. Steeping times also depend on water temperature and type; so it is best to experiment to discover your perfect brewing method for tea.

Make herbal tea without needing fancy equipment! A pot and teacup will do, as will your favorite reusable infuser (we like this one!). Tea bags may work too but contain microplastics which squish your herbs too much; thus producing watered-down results. Metal infusers offer another great way to produce complex brews with enhanced flavors compared to tea bags; metal allows the herbs to move around more freely infusing more flavor into each sip!

Prep the ingredients and steep the tea for an enjoyable cup of tea! Fresh, premium ingredients will ensure a superior tasting cup. Loose leaf or pre-packed, you will need supplies such as:

Starting with spring or filtered water at 212deg F, pour it over your herbs and let them steep for 5 minutes before removing the sachet and enjoying!

Those who prefer their tea with more robust flavor should steep it for longer; however, over-steeping can alter its flavors and aromas and cause unpleasant, astringent tastes; therefore the ideal brewing time should fall somewhere in between these extremes.

Certain herbs such as rooibos and chamomile are relatively low in tannins and should therefore be steeped for extended periods. Others, like ginseng or matcha green tea, contain more tannins and should only be steeped briefly.

Decoction brewing techniques provide more robust flavors. Decoctions are especially helpful for root, barks, and berries which require extra help breaking down; however, decoctions may turn bitter if herbs are not rinsed beforehand – so use with care! Additionally, cold infusion can take up to 12 hours but results in smoother tea with increased antioxidant content.